Filling and draining cheese moFilling and draining cheese mold conveyor is ...more
Mold Automatic Handling ConveyThere is the possibility of automatic handlin...more
Integrated FETA-CHEESE PRODUCTThe integrated feta-cheese production line in...more
Cheese tank (semi-cylindrical This cheese tank is used to coagulate milk, t...more
Cheese cutting tools for feta These tools are used to cut feta cheese into ...more
Stacker/unstacker for cheese mThis machine is used to vertically stacking a...more
Automatic cheese mold rotatorThe automatic rotator is used to rotate chees...more
Mold washing machine & WooWashing machines are used to automatically cl...more
Cylindrical CIP tankThis tank is used for cleaning the system use...more
Milk storage cylindrical tankThis structure is used to store milk. Storing...more
Workstations&transportatioThe tablwhere the cheese drains into molds an...more
Rectangular cheese storage tanThis tank is used to store cheese products in...more
Semi-cylindrical tank for creaThis cheese tank separates cream-cheese and m...more
Feta mold trolley with wheelsThe cheese mold trolleys are used to transfer...more
Distributor for cheeseDistributor is used to put the cheese into th...more
Tray for salting cheese producCheese molds are placed into this tray in ord...more
Paraffin machine for hard cheeThis machine is used to coat hard cheese surf...more
Food product conveyorConveyor used to transfer food products throu...more
Food product refrigeration towRefrigeration tower is used for cooling food ...more
Storage shelves for dairy prodShelves for storing cheese and other dairy pr...more